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Clearlake Oaks is a small community with a population of around 2,000. It is located on the southeastern shore of Clear Lake, California's largest natural lake. The Oaks is unique for having "The Keys", a subdivision of homes located on canals that open into Clear Lake. The air is among the cleanest in the nation. The night skies are pitch black, perfect for stargazing. And the fishing is excellent, with the annual Catfish Derby held in late spring.

Clearlake Oaks was formerly named Stubbs after Charles Stubbs, a local landowner. The site of the original town, inland of State Route 20, was subdivided by the 1920s. Situated in a broad canyon mouth, the original town site was about 4 blocks long and 3 deep, triangular in shape, with a plaza site in its center. The Stubbs post office opened in 1926, and changed its name to Clearlake Oaks in 1935. 

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